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Reserve Forces Bureau

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Reserve Task Force (RTF)

Reserve Forces Bureau is proud to introduce the newly developed Reserve Task Force.  The RTF was designed to be a tool for station Unit Commanders in addressing "quality of life" issues in the communities they serve without untilizing existing sworn personnel and funds.  The RTF is managed by RFB personnel who also deploy with the task force.

The RTF deploys three to four times a month at various locations throughout the County.  These missions include the following:

  • Illegal Street Racing
  • Illegal Vendor Sweep
  • Curfew Sweep
  • Cross Walk Sweep
  • Vadalism Sting

Teams are comprised of a Sergeant, Team Leader (Deputy) and up to 12 Deputy Sheriff Reserves.  RTF members are Reserve Deputies assigned to units from all over the Sheriff's Department.  They are Level I and Level II patrol trained Deputies. 

Although they are assigned to units other than Reserve Forces Bureau, the RTF is a collateral assignment. 

The ideal and philosophy of the RTF is an example of how the Sheriff's Department in partnership with community volunteers can help address community issues.



Requirements to join the RTF are as follows:

  • Reserve Level II and I only
  • Need to be patrol trained

If you are interested in joining RTF and meet the requirements, please contact RFB at (323) 526-5686 or (323) 526-5100