Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department

Reserve Forces Bureau

A Tradition of Service since 1850










Reasons to join the Reserve Program

Reserve Forces Bureau has over 800 reserves, all of whom had different reasons for joining the program. Here are some statements from our Reserves about what they enjoy about the program.


"The diversity of projects in which I am involved as an LASD Reservist as well as the great people with whom I interact both in the full-time and reserve ranks make my service as a reservist both gratifying and fascinating in equal measure. I highly recommend involvement with the Reserve program to those who enjoy a challenge and who are committed to making Los Angeles County a better place for us all to live and work."
Reserve Deputy Sheriff
Reserve Headquarters Co.

"As a reserve, I’ve had the ability to pursue something I have an absolute passion for while still keeping my full-time career path on track.  I still glow every time I get into uniform, and every time I look in the reflection of a glass storefront and see myself driving a LASD patrol car.  There is nothing more rewarding then contributing to the safety of the people of Los Angeles County, while fulfilling my lifelong dream."

Reserve Deputy Sheriff
West Hollywood Station