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Reserve Forces Bureau is the administrative headquarters for the Department’s Reserve Program, Explorer Program, Mounted Programs, and Sheriff’s Advisory Councils. With over 800 La County Sheriff Reserve and 600 Explorers, the Sheriff’s Department has a wealth of resources that augment the various units on a daily basis.

Reserve Forces Bureau recruits new Reserve candidates, processes their applications, and conducts pre-employment investigations. Upon successful completion, the applicant will attend a Reserve Academy, and when graduated, the Reserve will work at an assignment of their choice, suitable to their skill level. The Reserve Program is also responsible for overseeing and maintaining training, conducting annual unit inspections, and the coordination of personnel at various events.

Explorer recruits also attend an academy like the Reserves, and are eligible to work a myriad of assignments offered.  Both the Reserve and Explorer Academies have an agreement with various participating agencies who use the Department’s resources and expertise to train their personnel as well.

LASD Reserve Forces Bureau
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