It is not uncommon to see LASD Reserve in the news.  Here are the most recent news articles
on our Reserves.


Doctors bring medical care to Tijuana slum

Healing Hearts Across Borders is a group medical volunteers who help one of Mexico’s poorest communities.

The video link below takes you to a Channel 7 video about one of our Search and Rescue Reserves at Crescenta Valley Station.


LASD’s Nexus to NASA Astronaut now in space

NASA Astronaut, now in space, is the son of a retired LASD Sergeant.

Astronaut Randolph Bresnik (Lieutenant Colonel, USMC), who is the mission specialist onboard Space Shuttle Atlantis, has a close nexus to LASD.  His father, Randy Bresnik, is a retired LASD Aero Bureau Sergeant, who is now working as a Reserve Sergeant at Aero Bureau.

Rebecca Bresnik, wife of the astronaut, gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday afternoon while her father was 220 miles above earth, and this has generated a lot of media attention.

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