Reserve Forces Bureau has over 600 explorers, all of whom had different reasons for joining the program. Here are some statements from our Explorers about what they enjoy about the program.

“I was very excited about joining the Explorer program because I have always been fascinated in a career in law enforcement. In the Academy class, I faced challenging responsibilities.  After graduating Explorer Academy Class # 81 as an Honor Recruit, I realized the importance of completing my accomplishments, sticking to my values, and to keep pursuing my goals. With the department’s Core Values, I’ve learned how to set my standards high.”

Deputy Explorer
Norwalk Station

“The Explorer Program is by far one of the most significant aspects of my life. I am a Drill Instructor at STARS Explorer Academy and a Corporal at Walnut Sheriff’s Station; I wouldn’t trade this gift nor the responsibilities these positions obtain for anything in the world. I love waking up every morning knowing that my future is with a program that loves me and supports me in every assignment I undertake. I have nothing but gratitude for the LASD Explorer Program for taking me under its wing and making me a stronger and more successful human being. I can honestly say that the LASD Explorers program saved my life and has given me a heavenly present and an even brighter future.”

Deputy Explorer
Walnut Station