Reserve Deputy Sheriffs are utilized to supplement the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s law enforcement manpower. Like Full-time Deputies, Reserve Deputies are professionally trained and duly sworn law enforcement personnel. In most cases, Reserves are assigned to the same duties as Full-time Deputies. Since Reserve Deputies have the same powers of arrest as Full-time Deputies they are required by law to meet the same hiring, background, medical and psychological standards as Full-time Deputies.

Reserve Deputy Sheriffs enjoy the challenge and excitement offered by law enforcement, as well as the satisfaction of providing a worthwhile community service.

Reserve Deputy Sheriffs first complete the extensive state mandated training and then work assignments on evenings and/or weekends as their regular jobs permit.

Reserve Deputy Sheriffs are issued a badge, an identification card, uniforms, a Beretta 92FS duty weapon, handcuffs, baton, and most other necessary equipment.

Reserve Deputy Sheriffs have full peace officer powers when on duty, and, if issued a CCW permit, may choose to carry a concealed weapon when off duty.

Reserve Deputy Sheriffs volunteer 20 hours per month of their time with the regular compensation being one dollar per year.

Reserve Deputy Sheriffs may also qualify for shooting bonus pay of up to $32.00 per month, and some paid special event assignments are occasionally available.

Reserve Deputy Sheriffs serve at the will of the Sheriff, must obey all Departmental regulations, but do not fall into the framework of the civil service system.
Reserve Deputy Sheriffs supplement the regular operations of the Sheriff’s Department by working in their choice of Uniform Reserve (Patrol), Mounted Posse, Search and Rescue or as a Specialist.