Learn How to Book a Flight

Learn How to Book a Flight

If you plan to travel soon, booking a flight is one of the most important steps in finalizing your travel plans. However, between the constant change in airline prices and the different options of where to buy your plane ticket, booking can seem a bit difficult. The following methods will help you successfully book the best flight for your next trip.

  1. Know the Right Prize for Your Ticket

This is the basis of any good deal: knowing the “average” price of what you buy. Unless you travel regularly to your destination, the price variation, and the diversity of the offer is so important that it is hard to navigate. You can check our statistics to find out what is the right price for a plane ticket when you want to leave.

  1. Buy Your Plane Ticket at the Right Time
  • During school periods, the earlier you book (5-6 months in advance), the more likely you are to get a good deal.
  • When school is over, the best prices are 40 to 80 days before departure, on the other hand, it is necessary to monitor its evolution very regularly.
  • Never book more than 6 months in advance, many low-cost airlines put tickets on sale only 6 months before take-off. If you book before, you ignore these companies.
  • During school periods on a low-cost line, prices never go down.

Generally, prices are lower if you buy your ticket midweek. To complete the subject, 2 interesting items: when to buy your plane ticket and what day to buy your plane ticket. The ideal is to create an email alert as soon as possible.

  1. Watch Promotions Directly on the Airline Website

In large airlines, there are two types of promotions:

  • Punctual (-20 / -40%)

There is no typical date for promotions, each company has its own dates… The easiest way to be informed is to be “friends” with these companies on Facebook or Google… or subscribe to their newsletter, but beware of spam!

  • Permanent (-10/-50%)

These are permanent promotions on specific flights… It’s always worth a look to see if there’s a proposed flight close to the desired dates. This is especially true for Gulf airlines with a high level of service, with prices defying all competition on long-haul flights.

  1. Make Simulations with Different Departure Airports

Tickets are sometimes cheaper from one airport to another, for example, New York from Lyon or Toulouse, Miami from Strasbourg, Bangkok from Brussels. As far as South American destinations are concerned, flights from Madrid are significantly cheaper (particularly with Iberia). All these differences are partly explained by the establishment of international airlines at airports.

  1. Check Out Different Sites

There are three types of online sites where you can buy a plane ticket:

  • Airlines

They fly their planes and sell their tickets live. For low-cost airlines, their website often offers the lowest prices. When it comes to conventional airlines, this is not necessarily the case, as some tour operators have price agreements. Airlines do not offer (or very few) flight combinations with competing airlines.

  • Tour Operators

Compare and compete with airlines, sell air tickets live. Combine flights from several different airlines (including low-cost airlines) to find the best compromises. Be careful the availability of the offer displayed is not always guaranteed.

  1. Multi-Destination Searches

For example, if you are planning to visit New Zealand, it is surely more appropriate to land on the North Island in Auckland and leaving the South Island at Christchurch, this will save you a long and costly return. Many car rental companies make it possible to return the vehicle to a different location (at a fairly low cost). By reasoning globally, it is possible to make real savings.

  1. Domestic Flights Abroad

Do not use European flight comparators or tour operators, especially for developing countries. It is often more economical to go through the website of the national company (English or local language are often mandatory!). The 2% credit card fee for overseas payments is often largely covered! List and links of national airlines classified by country.

  1. Buy from an Online Site

Of course, you won’t have the (often notified) advice of an agency, but this will save you 20 to 50 euros on the price of your ticket. The ticket is the same, it is only the price of the service that is different.

We hope that these expert tips will help you in your research and you will meet on the algofly.fr website to find your cheap airfares.