Mounted Enforcement Detail (MED) currently consists of full time LASD Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, and some la county sheriff reserve. Personnel purchase their own equestrian mounts (horses) which they use for the detail.  Full time LASD search and rescue Deputies train and deploy primarily in addition to their regular work week and separate from their units of assignment.

The mission of the Mounted Enforcement Detail is to provide the Department with a well-trained equestrian unit capable of being utilized in a variety of situations including, but not limited to:

  • Crime suppression/Directed Patrol
  • Crowd Management
  • Ceremonial Events
  • “Riderless Horse” at some Deputy funerals
  • Static Displays
  • Wildfire Equine and Livestock Evacuation


Mounted Enforcement Detail personnel have traveled to Taiwan where, along with other full time mounted officers from across the United States, they performed for the Chinese public to celebrate the formation of their first mounted police unit. Veteranmembersareselectedtoattendtraining atthe Royal Canadian MountedPolice Academy in Ottawa. Monthly training is conducted and our Department has historically offered six, POST approved, 16 – 40 hour courses to our personnel and participating agencies. Mounted Enforcement Detail regularly sponsors one of the largest one day equestrian trainings in the State with over one hundred participants.  M.E.D. has transformed from a unit comprised mainly of Reserve Deputies in the 1980’s with limited capabilities to a high percentage of full time personnel with highly specialized training.


Lasd Los Angeles Mounted Enforcement Detail (MED)
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