“Our trail rides can be a real adventure”

The Sheriff’s Mounted Posse has existed since the Department’s inception in 1850. LASD reserve During the 1940’s the Posse continued to grow and was made up of Reserve Deputies. Up to the mid 1970’s the Posse maintained more than 500 Reserves. Over the past thirty years the Posse has gone through many changes.

With the increased California P.O.S.T. mandated training demands for Reserve Deputies and fewer County residents who are engaged in equine activities, Reserve Posse numbers continue to decrease. In the mid 1990’s Equestrian Civilian Volunteers started to become affiliated with individual Posse units.

Posse members support the Department by patrolling rural trails, shopping malls, and beaches. They represent the Sheriff’s Department in parades and at community functions. They have recently paired with the Youth Activities League to spend a day with disadvantaged youth educating them about horses. There are few things that attract more attention than a horse at static displays.

Equestrian Civilian Volunteers are attached to each Posse Unit and two additional volunteer units located at Industry and Palmdale stations. They receive limited training and act as “eyes and ears,” much the same as our Volunteers on Patrol. Equestrian Civilian Volunteers are actively recruited to become Reserve Deputies.

The Posse has been involved in a variety of activities during the past five years including participation in the Studio City Holiday Parade with Sheriff Baca and Mule Days Parade in Bishop where they took first place in the color guard category. Most notably, reserve Deputy Nancy Fite, and her camel “Burt,” participated in the Hollywood Christmas Parade along with other uniformed Posse members. Deputy Fite and “Deputy Burt” have been the subject of international media attention and are listed in the Guiness Book of World 



Sheriff’s Mounted Posse
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