La County Sheriff Reserve are utilized to supplement the LASD Sheriff Department‘s law enforcement manpower.  Like the Full-time Deputies, Reserve Deputies are professionally trained and duly sworn law enforcement personnel.  Since LASD Reserve Forces Bureau have the same powers of arrest as Full-time Deputies they are required by law to meet the same hiring, background, medical and psychological standards as Full-time Deputies.

Uniform Reserves are assigned to one of the many Sheriff’s Department patrol stations and perform general law enforcement duties, including crime prevention, investigation, responding to calls, traffic control, and enforcement of laws.

Every Sheriff’s station has a Uniform Reserve unit.  In addition to Sheriff station assignments, Reserve openings are available to those with suitable skills and experience in the following specialized units:

  • Aero Bureau
  • Communications/Fleet Management
  • Custody Company
  • Detective Bureau
  • Special Victims Unit
  • Emergency Operations Bureau
  • Headquarters Company
  • Narcotics Company
  • SEB Marine
  • SEB Medical
  • TSB Motors
  • TSB East
  • TSB West
  • TSB Rail Operations Center
  • Weapons Training Company
  • Search and Rescue
  • Mounted Search and Rescue
  • Mounted Enforcement Detail
  • Reserve Task Force
  • Reserve Integrity Unit
What is a Reserve Deputy Sheriff
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